There are distractions all around. Our attention span is continuously decreasing, and so is our ability to focus and do deep work.

blockr is a command line tool to easily block websites to avoid distractions. At the same time, blockr makes it extremely easy to unblock websites in case you need to access them.

If you prefer a different workflow and like focussed and relaxed modes, blockr also lets you switch between these modes ensuring you are able to access blocked websites in relaxed mode - blockr provides activate and deactivate command to support this use case.

Please note this is alpha software, and is currently tested only on mac (Apple’s OSX)


$ sudo gem install blockr


$ blockr block [WEBSITES]    # block websites; shortcut -d
$ blockr unblock [WEBSITES]  # unblock websites; shortcut -u
$ blockr activate            # activate blockr, make all websites blocked by blockr inaccessible; shortcut -a
$ blockr deactivate          # deactivate focus mode, make all blocked websites accessible; shortcut -d
$ blockr help [COMMAND]      # Describe available commands or one specific command


$ sudo blockr -b   # block
$ sudo blockr -u   # unblock
$ sudo blockr -a                   # activate focus mode
$ sudo blockr -d                   # deactivate focus mode

Source code

Source code is present on Github - please check README for more detailed documentation.


Please check project home for regular updates.