Data science libraries in Python and Elixir

Data science in Elixir is maturing at a rapid pace. This post lists data science libraries in Python along with their Elixir equivalent.


Numerical Analysis

Traditional Machine Learning

Deep learning

It is also possible to use pre-trained models, you can use AxonOnnx for it.

Data analysis

Explorer is built on top of polars library which is a lightning fast DataFrames implementation in Rust.

Data presentation and visualization

VegaLite is Elixir bindings to Vega-Lite, a high-level grammar of interactive graphics.

Network and geographic visualization

Pipelines and orchestration

Elixir runs over Erlang VM called BEAM, and hence by design can work better than Python processing data in concurrent and fault-tolerant manner.

Domain specific

For custom domains like NLP, computer vision and signal processing, Elixir libraries are still being worked upon.

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