Data science in Elixir is maturing at a rapid pace. This post lists data science libraries in Python along with their Elixir equivalent.


Numerical Analysis

  • Python: NumPy
  • Elixir: Nx

Traditional Machine Learning

  • Python: scikit-learn
  • Elixir: Scholar

Deep learning

  • Python: PyTorch / TensorFlow
  • Elixir: Axon

It is also possible to use pre-trained models, you can use AxonOnnx for it.

Data analysis

Explorer is built on top of polars library which is a lightning fast DataFrames implementation in Rust.

Data presentation and visualization

  • Python: Plotly Express / matplotlib
  • Elixir: VegaLite

VegaLite is Elixir bindings to Vega-Lite, a high-level grammar of interactive graphics.

Network and geographic visualization

  • Python: NetworkX (network), Folium (geo)
  • Elixir: no equivalent so far

Pipelines and orchestration

Elixir runs over Erlang VM called BEAM, and hence by design can work better than Python processing data in concurrent and fault-tolerant manner.

Domain specific

For custom domains like NLP, computer vision and signal processing, Elixir libraries are still being worked upon.