I found it hard to convey my thoughts in form of coherent text, wrote in points instead.

  • Today’s desktop browsers are very powerful. We use them for communication, entertainment and almost all our needs. And we use search engines and social networks to discover websites and pages.
  • Mobile OS market is pretty fragmented with iOS, android and windows platforms. It is difficult for app makers to develop, maintain and market native apps for all these platforms.
  • It is also very difficult for consumers to discover and download all these special purpose apps. There are no equivalent alternatives for search engines in mobile world.
  • Mobile phones are yet to develop an app like desktop browsers - an app which can become your interface to other apps.
  • Cards presents a brilliant interface for other micro-apps to run inside one app. Look at Google Now to experience these cards.
  • I believe, these micro-apps are the future and an app, with the ability to run these micro-apps inside itself, will rule the mobile world.
  • Probably, Facebook and Google are already working towards this. Facebook Messenger has opened up it’s platform for businesses, whereas I think, Google is approaching this as a technology problem and is trying to make chrome on android more powerful and better. They also have Google Now which they can open up for other third party integrations.
  • The way these micro-apps will interact with users will be very different from traditional pull based search engine model. Interaction will be more contextual and personalized depending upon users’ habits and preferences. It will also be more pushed based then pull. It is the future of Siri too.