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I recently realized I have spent more time living in Gurgaon than in Bangalore.

In 2011, when I first told one of my friends that I am moving to Gurgaon - he laughed at me. He had stayed in Gurgaon for a year and he absolutely hated it. As per him, there was no public transportation system, no chai-shops, almost no infra - just malls and offices.

And he was right. However, what troubled me the most was the weather. My first winter and my first summer in Gurgaon were terrible. The unfortunate thing was that these two seasons covered ten months out of twelve, and I found only March & November a little bearable.

No wonder, I didn’t like Gurgaon, and I hoped to move back to Bangalore ‘as soon as possible’. I now have spent 9 years here and have come to like Gurgaon. Here are some of my reasons

Weather-wise Gurgaon is still very bad. Pollution is a big problem. And yet, the thought of moving out of Gurgaon and settling in a place like Bangalore unsettles me. I guess I don’t hate it anymore.

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