Fonts that I like to use frequently

While there are a lot of free fonts available on Google Fonts1, there are a few fonts that I think are special.

1. Epilogue

2. DM Sans

If you like Circular Std (used by Spotify and Netflix), you will like DM Sans. I think it is the closest equivalent to Circular.

3. Manrope

I like Proxima Nova. While Manrope is not exactly similar to it, however, it surely gives me the same vibes.

4. Poppins

Poppins is a geometric font with a typical ‘a’ - very clean and beautiful.

(APIC Blocks also uses Cal Sans by for headings - really goes well with Poppins.

5. Lexend

Lexend font was created to improve reading experience. Learn more on

6. Outfit

Outfit has a typical ‘t’ and in general a playful character. Yet, it comes out to be very readable.

Other Fonts

A few other fonts that I like:

  1. Mukta for Devanagari
  2. Hammersmith One for headings
  3. Space Grotesk
  4. Inter (very good font, however, as a result also heavily used)

Also, a special mention to Monospace fonts that I frequently use:

  1. Roboto Mono
  2. DM Mono
  3. Space Mono
  4. Courier Prime (better version of Courier and Courier New)


  1. If you don’t want to embed fonts using Google Fonts link, they allow you to download fonts and link from your domain. One of the important reasons to serve fonts from your own domain is GDPR. 

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