(Unpolished) Notes and TIL

My notes on things I learn while building software. I also add a lot of unpolished thoughts here, mostly to safekeep and refer to them later.

19 Oct 2022» Notes on Paul Graham's essay - Alien Truth

09 Oct 2022» Notes on CBDC

05 Oct 2022» Fonts that I like to use frequently

04 Oct 2022» Data science libraries in Python and Elixir

24 Aug 2022» SSH Agent error after restarting computer

07 Aug 2022» Designing Microservices

04 Dec 2020» Monorepo and Heroku

01 Sep 2020» 8 useful Rails Bytes to improve your development process

29 Aug 2020» Custom fonts in your Rails app

28 Aug 2020» Mac - How to fix Python error "ERROR:root:code for hash md5 was not found"

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