How to create a passwordless sudo user on Ubuntu Linux?

On Ubuntu Linux, if you want to create a user with sudo powers but without password, you need to follow a couple of steps:

1 - Create the user

Assuming you are logged in as root and want to create the user with deploy as username. adduser command, by default, will ask you to provide a password. To skip, use --disabled-password option.

adduser deploy --disabled-password
adduser deploy sudo

--disabled-password option will ensure you are not prompted to provide a password during the creation process. The second command, will make the deploy user a sudo user.

When you run any sudo command, you will still be asked for a password though. To avoid that, you also need to do the second step.

2 - Edit sudo file

As the root user, run the following command

sudo visudo

This will open a file (most probably in nano editor). Go to the end of the file and add the following line


If your user is called something else, replace deploy with that username. Save the file (for nano press Ctrl-X to save the file.)

And done

Now, whenever you will run any sudo command, you won’t be prompted for the password.

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